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Video is a great way of getting your point across...  It's been the choice of leading corporates for well over forty years now. And has a history going back to the earliest days of film!

But let's be frank about this! Drooling into an iPhone like some demented conspiracy theorist, or wittering into a webcam as if you were some cheap Ponzi-scheme seller, is no more credible a business communication than scrawling some signs on old cardboard in ink marker, and cable-tying them to lamposts!  - If you're running a small business you need to punch above your weight! And increasingly these days, that means going head-to-head with big business!  To compete, you need to be professional!

Producing professional business video, of a quality comparable to broadcast television, used to be the reserve of large corporations, with huge budgets.  Now, from just £800 inclusive,  you can afford to use a truly professional production company to help meet the needs of your small to medium sized business. Whether it's a website video, sales or training DVD or Blu Ray, an exhibition video, for YouTube, vimeo or even a broadcast TV advert, we can help!

Based just outside Edinburgh, Caledonian TV™ is a family-owned, family-run, television production company. We make corporate videos using legitimately trained professional crew, real TV cameras and the very same production techniques used for broadcast. We specialise in meeting the needs of those with very restricted budgets; such as, ambitious startups, sole traders, micro-businesses, SME, third sector and public service organisations.  - We solve a problem where previously it was difficult or impossible to afford to hire genuine professionals with the proper kit necessary to get results on a par with broadcast television. We achieve this by operating on lean production principles, prioritising customer value and eliminating waste.

At the heart of our operation is experience and legitimacy. First established in 1986, on the site of the old Caledonian Railway's yards in Glasgow's Springburn district, Caledonian Television™ is still owned and run by its founder, Matt Quinn; an ITV-trained broadcast professional - and former Lecturer in Television Production - with almost forty years of industry experience under his belt!

Although comparable in price, we stress that are not 'Videographers', and actively distance ourselves from that term and that side of the video trade - for the simple reason that we know from experience there is far more involved in the job of producing a business video than simply taking moving pictures using a video camera! That's why we work using a production management system originally designed to meet both the academic standards of the SQA, and the audit requirements of most major UK and European broadcasters. We offer a complete script to screen service which ensures your corporate video will be fully compliant with all copyright and other legal requirements, delivered on time, on budget and at a reasonable price.

Our process is quality assured and project managed to meet or exceed the standards demanded by major broadcasters and blue chip industries.

One of the most affordable and experienced corporate video production services in Britain!

We put Blue-Chip level corporate video firmly in the hands of SMALL businesses!

We think our SME clients deserve the real deal - so we only use crew who are either ITV/BBC trained, or who have successfully completed a course of education, in a film or TV related discipline, at a recognised UK academic institution. And we will make your video using the same techniques used for broadcast television - no half measures!

Our production management system has been developed to meet or exceed the standards of the major UK broadcasters as well as industry. It is fully compatible with recognised quality assurance standards including ISO9001, and with project management protocols such as Prince-II. That means we provide full, professional copyright and IP management with a proper audit trail, and ensure that the making of your film is planned, almost down to the last shot, before we even pick up a camera. We use genuine (tier 2J ) high definition broadcast television cameras of the kind used for filming news and documentaries; we don't try to fob people off with the notion that DSLRs or domestic camcorders are any kind of substitute for the real thing! We also use traditional broadcast lighting and sound equipment - and have the training, skills, and experience to utilise them effectively!  Your finished programme will be mastered to the same specifications used by most European broadcasters. The end result is ready to upload to the internet, distribute on DVD (either in PAL or NTSC as you might require) or Blu-Ray, or 'wrap' to the European AS-11 protocol for broadcast.

You can even show your finished film in almost any modern, digitally-equipped commercial cinema!

As specialists in corporate video production, Caledonian TV™ works with other creative industry professionals rather than undermine them.

We firmly reject the 'Jack of all trades model' simply because we are masters of our own craft, and respect the skills of other experts. 

We're keen to support other legitimate professinals working in the creative industries. So, If you are an advertising agent, graphics designer, web designer, public relations or other communications specialist, we would like to hear from you! Once we've agreed in advance that we can work together, Caledonian TV™ offer competitive rates and arrangements as outsourcing partners, which will allow you to integrate legally-safe, high quality corporate video into your own offering.

A high professional standard with respect to client confidentiality and commercial sensitivity is always assured.

When you mean business, our experience counts!

So, where do we make the cuts?

Properly trained people, with the right kit, get the job done!

It's fairly simple... We just don't waste money on frivolous nonsense.

Caledonian TV™ is driven by almost forty years of experience in the broadcast industry. And, for over thirty of those years we've been making video for business users. Over that time we've learned what is really required to get the job done, and what's just burning money for show. If a cost-driver is not necessay to the actual business of producing your video, we remove it. - So you'll find no childish gimmicks on our watch, and we don't ask you to pay for anything that doesn't contribute directly to the quality and effectiveness of your programme. 

Care to talk?

No cost, no obligation, no hard-sell or silly sales patter... Just an honest, face-to-face chat with one of our producers. We're always pleased to hear from potential clients and partners, and invite you to talk to us, without any obligation or pressure, early in your project. Please bear in mind that we operate a structured project management system which is designed to protect your business interests and budget. This means there is generally at least a six-to-eight week 'lead time' between commissioning your programme and the commencement of filming. Post production (editing and finishing) generally takes between ten days and two weeks in most cases.

The longer we have to plan your programme, the better-placed we're likely to be to help save you money! - It's never too early to contact us!

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