The Caledonian Television Company

Broadcast Techniques - Legitimately Qualified Professionals - A Script to Screen Service

Based just outside Edinburgh, Caledonian TV is a  family-owned, business video production company, specialising in meeting the needs of those with very restrictive budgets, such as ambitious startups, sole traders, micro-businesses, SME, third sector and public service organisations.

We only produce programmes for business and professional clients.

At the heart of our operation is experience and legitimacy. First established in 1986, Caledonian Television is still run by its founder Matt Quinn, an ITV-trained broadcast professional - and former Lecturer in Television Production - with almost forty years of real-world experience in educational, broadcast and professional corporate video under his belt! 

Production values and standards

We only use crew who are either ITV/BBC trained, or who have successfully completed a course of education specifically in a film or TV related discipline at a recognised UK academic institution.  Our production management system has been developed to meet the demands of major broadcasters as well as industry. It is fully compatible with recognised quality assurance standards including ISO 9001, and  with project management protocols such as Prince-II.  

That means we provide full, professional copyright and IP management with a proper audit trail, and ensure that the making of your film is planned, almost down to the last shot, before we even pick up a camera. 

We shoot in HD using real (tier 2J ) broadcast television cameras, of the kind used for filming news and documentaries; no DSLRs or domestic camcorders!  We also use traditional broadcast lighting and sound equipment - with the training, skills, and experience to utilise them effectively! 

We master your finished programme to the same specifications used by most European broadcasters.  The end result is ready to upload to the internet, distribute on DVD (either in PAL or NTSC as you might require)  or Blu-Ray.

You can even show your finished film in almost any modern digitally-equipped commercial cinema!

We put Blue-Chip level corporate video firmly in the hands of SMALL businesses!

Properly trained people, with the right kit, get the job done

As specialists in corporate video production, Caledonian TV works with other creative industry professionals.

If you are - legitimately - an advertising agency, graphics designer, web designer, public relations or other communications specialist, we would like to hear from you! Once we've agreed in advance that we can work together, Caledonian TV offer competitive rates as outsourcing partners, which will allow you to integrate legally-safe, high quality corporate video into your own offering. 

A high professional standard with respect to client confidentiality and commercial sensitivity is assured,

Professional project management protects your business and its aims.

So, where do we make the cuts?

Experientia docet sapientiam!

It's fairly simple...  If a cost-driver is not necessay to the actual business of producing your video, we remove it.

For example, experience tells us that there is really very little point these days in employing a clerical worker just to answer the 'phones and tell you that our production staff are out making films! And since the first person you need to speak to is a Producer - who will need to visit your location and assess your needs before producing an estimate - it becomes obvious that we need to make ourselves mobile!

Our 'front of house' presence is therefore exclusively online - which eliminates overheads and ultimately saves you money.

In practice, very few corporate videos require the use of a studio.  If all you need is a simple 'talking head' or green screen video, then we'll bring that to you. If you feel you need a situation where hospitality is on hand, then that is a need best met by the professionals at any good hotel; where we will be happy to set up and film in exactly the same was as we might for a broadcast interview.

Where a studio situation is warranted,  we have access to various specialist facilities around the United Kingdom, as well as numerous 'media friendly' conference and meeting facilities dotted around the country.

Care to talk?

We're always pleased to hear from potential clients and partners, and invite you to talk to us, without any obligation or pressure, early in your project.  Please bear in mind that we operate a structured project management system which is designed to protect your business interests and budget.  This means there is generally a six-to-eight week 'lead time' between commissioning your programme and the commencement of filming.  Post production (editing and finishing) generally takes between ten days and two weeks in most cases.  In all cases, the longer we have to plan the production the better.  - It's never too early to contact us, and not uncommon for us to be in discussion over projects that will shoot a year or two after the client makes first contact! 

Please note that we do not charge for initial discussions, and we encourage you to speak to us at a very  early stage in your project.

We currently have limited filming slots available from LATE MARCH 2018