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Corporate Vision - For SMALL Businesses!

Originally established in October 1986, Caledonian Television™ is an affordable full service business video production company working to the same technical and operational  standards used in broadcast television. Our roots are in broadcast - and we are active in the provision of research, production, and crew services for broadcast news and documentary.  We reject the silly, Macaronic Latin term, 'Videographers' as we do the meaninglessly and deceptive label 'video marketers'... Because almost thirty five years of experience says there is far more to the job than 'just taking pictures with a video camera' and that video is only one possible element of a credible professional marketing mix.

We are instead highly experienced, legitimately qualified, video production specialists. - We're not 'fly by nights', didn't just 'fall into' video production from some or other unrelated field, nor have we simply grafted video production on as an afterthought to some other 'Jack of All Trades' style collection of half-baked offerings...

By working to the standards demanded by broadcasters we eliminate the very serious legal, compliance and technical risks to your business, associated with 'semi pros' and other non-specialists. We believe our service to be unique in the UK at this price point. - Caledonian TV™ is owned and run by an ITV-trained broadcast professional and former Lecturer in Television Production.  We are proud to be a small family business meeting the needs of those with very restrictive budgets such as ambitious startups, sole traders, micro-businesses, SME, third sector and public service organisations. What we offer is a one-to-one personal service on the 'human scale'. We have no need for pretence nor the hard sell.

We provide is a complete, truly professional script-to-screen service.
Good quality, good value and the proper tools for the job in the hands of skilled people.
Decades of experience in addressing your needs, working with your team and choice of creatives - to meet your communication goals.

PROFESSIONAL CREWS. We only use crew who have successfully studied TV or Film production at a legitimate UK Academic Institution and/or trained with a major UK broadcaster such as the BBC or one of the ITV companies.

The Caledonian Television Company™ is still owned and run by its founder, Matt Quinn; an ITV-trained cameraman - and former Lecturer in Television Production - with over forty years of genuine broadcast experience to his name!

PROFESSIONAL EQUIPMENT. We shoot on genuine broadcast TV cameras - NOT DSLRs! We edit to meet EBU AS-11 broadcast standards for topical content on full edit suites. And naturally, we use traditional broadcast lighting and sound.

Inexpensive - Creative - Experienced

Properly trained people with the right kit - the real deal!

As creative video specialists, we offer a complete service which takes you from a basic outline or even just a vague idea to a complete finished programme. In order to protect your business interests we particularly ensure copyright and legal compliance is properly dealt with at every production stage.  In terms of technical standards we work to the AS-11 specifications required by UK and European broadcasters for topical content in HD.

We made our first corporate video in 1986, uploaded our first digital video to the internet in 1997, shot our last analogue video in 1999 and moved fully to HD in 2007!

So, yes, of course we can help with your video strategy and advise on how best to deploy video - we've been doing that since the 1980s. And we will freely help and advise you when it comes to uploading your video to the web, preparing it for public display or indeed for broadcast. - That is all just a basic part of the service!

We work collaboratively with your choice of web designers, graphics artists, PR, Advertising and marketing agencies etc. and do so in absolute confidence with robust NDAs as a standard part of our operational terms. And for those actually running legitimate creative agencies, we are very happy to offer advantageous terms that facilitate partnership working and allow them to integrate high quality video production within their own offering.

What does it cost?
The first thing most people ask about is price.  And because each and every programme is bespoke that really is a 'how long is a piece of string' question. Ultimately it's impossible to answer accurately until we assess your particular needs.  However, we think it's only fair to give at least 'ballpark' idea of what things cost.

Bullet Point - If you're within about 50 road miles of our base near Livingston, West Lothian, we can make you a basic professionally produced business video from as little as £600 inclusive. This includes a 1/2 day shooting at a single location, library music and basic graphics derived from your existing materials - a complete programme in every sense of the word. More typically,  programmes fall into the £1200-£1500 range while the average spend with us across the board is currently about £5000. 

Bullet Point - We are also happy to produce regular programmes along a common theme or branding. - Ideal for 'video podcasts' or brand development through video newsletters - this service starts from around £10,000 per annum for 12 programmes on a monthly basis.  - Naturally we can also offer terms for any other frequency of filming and/or presentation. And we are happy to film and document your projects as they progress and develop. 

Bullet Point - That isn't the limit of our capabilities - we can (through our broadcast production partners) organise and access specialist facilities such as multi-camera studios, broadcast quality drones and helicopters, international crews and even underwater filming. 

Care to talk? Want to find out more?  Or just push some ideas around the table? No cost, no obligation, no hard-sell nor silly sales patter! Just an honest, down to earth, face-to-face chat with one of our project managers. We're always pleased to hear from potential clients and partners, and invite you to talk to us, without any obligation or pressure, as early as possible in your project.

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