The Caledonian Television Company

Corporate Vision - for SMALL business!

The Caledonian Television Company™ provides a reasonably-priced business video production service aimed at real-world micro, small and medium sized enterprises, mainly in Scotland. We make it possible for ambitious start-ups, entrepreneurs, trades, - and others working within restricted budgets - to access truly professional video production services, of a standard more-usually associated with big corporations and blue-chip companies.   Properly equipped, trained professionals - high quality video made affordable.

By prior arrangement - we provide opportunities for partnership working and integrated service provision to legitimate agencies and colleagues in PR, Advertising, Web Design and other creative disciplines. We also undertake broadcast newsgathering (to tier 2J) for incident response and documentary and support and research for investigative documentary.

No smoke, no mirrors, no childish novelties - our aim is to eliminate cost-drivers that do not contribute to the quality of programme we can make.  We're here to serve credible professionals who understand the difference between business communication and playground nonsense.

Originally established in October 1986, we are a full service video production company which works to the same standards used in broadcast television. As video specialists we help you script and schedule your production using ISO 9001 compliant quality assurance procedures. In order to protect your business interests we particularly ensure copyright and legal compliance is properly dealt with at all production stages - and we work to the AS-11 technical standards required by UK and European broadcasters for topical content in HD.

PROFESSIONAL CREWS. We only use crew who have successfully studied TV or Film production at a legitimate UK Academic Institution and/or trained with a major UK broadcaster such as the BBC or one of the ITV companies.

The Caledonian Television Company™ is still owned and run by its founder, Matt Quinn; an ITV-trained cameraman - and former Lecturer in Television Production - with over forty years of genuine broadcast experience to his name!

PROFESSIONAL EQUIPMENT. We shoot on genuine broadcast TV cameras - NOT DSLRs! We edit to meet EBU AS-11 broadcast standards for topical content on full edit suites. Naturally, we use traditional broadcast lighting and sound.

Although we'll go head-to-head with them on price, Caledonian TV
™ is distinct from  the usual 'Jack of all trades', videographer and 'video marketer' types - from which we actively distance ourselves!  - We really are legitimate, professional video producers. Almost-uniquely at this price-point, Caledonian TV™ is owned and operated as a small family business by a full-time broadcast professional - So you will always be dealing one-to-one with the business owner and someone who really knows TV production! 

Costly? We can make complete programmes from as little as £800 - inclusive. No catch!

Properly trained people with the right kit - Get the real deal!

The Caledonian Television Company™ is absolutely upfront  in telling you that video really isn't a good fit for every business or every situation.
It's in no-one's legitimate interests to mis-sell you video as a 'must have' or essential medium that you 'must be using'...  That simply isn't true.  Very-often things might be better expressed and presented in print or web page. - And there is certainly no legitimate place for 'videos' that are audio-visually illiterate.   It is true that video has (at the moment) a positive effect on SEO. - But what is the actual point of that, if the same thing that drives traffic to your website is shoddy, amateurish, and undermines your professional credibility?

We're here to help you make up your own mind - and will never try to 'push' video services upon you. If it's not a good idea, we'll tell you! That may be an odd 'sales message' - but over 40 years of broadcast, commercial and educational television experience have taught us, that video only works well when it's used appropriately and is to a good standard. 

The simple fact is - video is just another medium and 'digital' video marketing is certainly not new.  We made our first corporate video in 1986, put our first online video on the internet in August 1997 - and shot our last analogue video in the summer of 1999. The internet itself is over 30 years old now and the world went digital decades ago! So notions of 'digital transformation' or business video being the latest thing are, at best, just plain daft!  - Promotional films for business actually have a history going back almost 100 years now!

Caledonian TV is in this business for the long-haul.  We're not 'fly by nights' nor are we desperate for the work; and for that reason, have no need or time for the hard sell!

Quality counts!
We make business video in exactly the same way as programmes for broadcast television are made. We do this to ensure that your programme can be shown almost anywhere from YouTube to a commercial digital cinema.  - And, most importantly, that it's compliant with all the rules and regulations involved in showing video in public for professional purposes.

Because they're just not-really up to the job, we do not film using DSLRs...  Nor will any of our crew turn up with a camera perched on a stills tripod  (and no idea how to use it) or try to capture sound using 'toy' microphones purchased for a few pounds off Ebay!  - Likewise 'bargain' Chinese LED lighting isn't something we'd include in the kit bag! 

All our crews are equipped with real television cameras, a comprehensive range of broadcast microphones - including radio mics, rifle mics, cardiod and booms - and traditional broadcast lighting kit... Everything we shoot is in HD and made to the EBU broadcast standards set for topical content.  You can, therefore, expect picture and sound quality of a similar standard to that which you will see on terrestrial TV news and documentaries.

Protecting your interests!
We start with your programme ideas and develop them into a full video production package - with client-approval at every stage - which properly protects your legal rights, meets your legal responsibilities and ensures that the end is legally safe and technically fit to be shown anywhere from YouTube to a major cinema. or broadcast on TV.  This means that full copyright management and clearance is a standard part of the service, as is Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to protect your commercial interests.

Operationally, we work safely at your location to OHSAS 18001 standards, and mitigate business risk by project-managing your production with ISO9001 compliance.

As masters of our own trade we simply don't need to pretend to be something we're not!
We've grown a little tired of hearing from those who think they've 'invented the wheel' - Yes, of course we can help with your video strategy and advise on how best to deploy video - we've been doing that since the 1980s. And we will freely help and advise you when it comes to uploading your video to the web, preparing it for public display or for broadcast. - That's is all just a basic part of the service!

We don't feel the need to be pretend to be a 'video marketing agency' or a 'digital agency' - because we know legitimate marketers understand that video is just one highly specialised element of a marketing mix. Likewise, we understand and respect that marketing itself is a specialised discipline that takes many years of study and experience to master.  - We're business partners, not poachers.

We don't feel the need to undermine other creative professionals - which is why we work with your choice of web designers, graphics artists, PR, Advertising and marketing agencies and do so in confidence with NDAs as a standard part of our operational terms. For those running legitimate creative agencies, we offer advantageous terms that facilitate partnership working and allow them to integrate high quality video production within their own offering.

A professional process to meet the needs of professionals!.
Our production management system was developed to meet or exceed the standards required by the major UK broadcasters as well as wider industry, and is compliant and compatible with recognised industrial project management protocols such as Prince-II. Your video will be shot safely, efficiently and legally - ensuring no doubt as to whether the footage can be used without putting your legal position, and reputation, at risk.

Broadcast TV programmes are normally planned almost down to the last shot before anyone picks up a camera - your corporate video programme deserves no less!  We do this to eliminate possibly the major cost-driver; time being wasted while expensive resources are deployed. 

Where others will be clueless, cavalier or simply untrained and misinformed about copyright and legal requirements - we routinely provide full , professional, copyright and IP management with a proper audit trail created for all programmes - increasingly important as the effects of the EU's Copyright Article 13 start to impact worldwide

Business video requires a solid, business-like, professional approach - and we say that with decades of experience doing just exactly that! 

Care to talk? Want to find out more?  Or just push some ideas around the table? No cost, no obligation, no hard-sell nor silly sales patter! Just an honest, down to earth, face-to-face chat with one of our project managers. We're always pleased to hear from potential clients and partners, and invite you to talk to us, without any obligation or pressure, as early as possible in your project.

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