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When it comes to corporate video production we believe we offer the very best balance of cost and quality available in Britain today. Over 30 years of experience tells us that a down to earth pragmatic approach is what gets things done efficiently. And only that which adds value to our end product really matters to our clients.

We are, proudly, a small family business. And you may expect a friendly, personal, one-to-one service free from pretentious airs and graces. But we're also serious professionals, and our aim is to help our clients punch well above their weight. We believe small businesses are the heart and soul of a progressive society. And we pride ourselves on being a down-to-earth family firm geared to meeting the needs of the majority of British businesses rather than the corporate giants.

We aren't the cheapest - because we know what we're doing and don't cut corners that might put our clients' interests at risk.

We aren't the dearest either - because we don't indulge in the grandiose and very-often puerile novelties that some others do...

Our policy is to guide you along lines that maximise production value whilst minimising costs. We promise not to give you any kind of 'sales patter' or pressure. And we are particularly happy to speak to you at a very early stage in your project or business journey - even if only to give you 'ballpark' figures and candid advice. A friendly chat costs nothing...

Your initial enquiry will need the attention of an experienced Project Manager who can take the time to properly answer your questions. Unfortunately they're very-often out making programmes! And for that reason we would strongly suggest that the best way to make initial contact is via Email.

It's also for this reason that The Caledonian Television Company does not operate a 'front of house' facility. Experience tells us there is really very little point these days in employing a clerical worker just to answer the 'phones to tell you that our production staff are busy! Additionally, we have in recent years been experiencing high levels of nuisance calls. Again, we don't think it's a good use of our client's money to pay someone to field these…

Our telephones are therefore manned on an ad-hoc basis during office hours, should a call go unanswered, a 24/7 voicemail service is in operation.

Please note that bona-fide clients and partners are provided with an unpublished direct-contact number for the production office as well as a mobile number and direct email address for their assigned Project Manager.

0131 202 6230

Office Hours Mon-Fri 10:30am - 4:00pm

Please note that this number is set to REJECT anonymous callers. Calls may be recorded for security and training purposes.

We respectfully request that telesales agencies refrain from contacting us - particularly those promoting 'SEO' services and the like, in which we have zero interest!

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