The Caledonian Television Company

Getting in touch.

When it comes to corporate video production, we believe we offer the very best balance of cost and quality available in Britain today.

We can only achieve that by being down to earth and paring away any and all costs that aren't strictly necessary to the business of producing an effective corporate video for you. To that end, we do not operate any kind of 'front of house' facility. Please understand that your initial enquiry will really need the attention of an experienced Project Manager, who can take the time to properly explore your need and answer your questions - and they're very-often out actually making programmes!

For that reason, we would strongly suggest that the best way to make initial contact with us is via Email; all enquiries to admin@caledoniantv.com  Please include a brief outline of your requirements. 

Blocked email domains and SPAM policy

Due to the very high volumes of SPAM they support,  and their unregulated nature, we have BLOCKED a number of 'free' email domains from our system, these include, but are not limited to; ALL Hotmail, Gmail or Yahoo addresses; *.date *.win *.bid *.site *.trade -  Please don't email us from any such address as we will never see your message! Additionally, we reject all email from Russia and the former Soviet Bloc, China, Africa, the Indian Sub-Continent, South America and most of South-East Asia.

We aim to respond to emails within 24 hours,  during the working week...

Email: admin@caledoniantv.com

- in practice, we're usually much quicker than that!

Please note that, as part of our drive to eliminate non-productive cost-drivers, we don't employ a clerical worker just to pick up the phone and tell people that the production staff are all out!  - That would be a pointless waste of your money1

Our main telephone number is staffed on an ad-hoc basis (by the production staff) suported by a 24-hour answer service. In practice, staff are generally available able to deal with telephone enquiries for over 80% of the working week. Should your call go to voicemail we ask that you leave us a UK LANDLINE number that we can contact you at.

Bona-fide clients and partners are provided with an unpublished direct-contact number for the production office as well as a mobile number and direct email address for their assigned Project Manager.

Unfortunately, in recent years, we've seen a sharp rise in the number of crank calls received. This is no-less disturbing in a work context than it is for people sitting at home. Please note therefore that calls to our telephone numbers may be recorded for training and security reasons, and that our telephone systems are set to reject calls from withheld numbers.

We respectfully ask that individuals engaged in tele-sales activities do not contact us - our numbers are registered with CTPS.

Telephone: 0131 202 6230

Where we are, where we operate, and how available we are....

Location, location, location.

The Caledonian Television Company™ is based on the outskirts of Edinburgh on the border with West Lothian, which gives us easy acess to the M8 Glasgow, the Clyde Coast and Dumbartonshire, the M9 towards Fife and Perth, the A1 to Newcastle and the Scottish Borders and of course the A71 which provides a fast link to Kilmarnock and Ayrshire. Primarily, we seek to serve businesses in the Scottish Central Belt, West Coast , Dumbarton and the West Highlands, Stirling, Fife, Lothians, Borders and East Coast, Northern Northumberland and North Cumbria .

Subject to availability, we also provide film services to most other areas of the UK with with the notable exception of areas inside the London LEZ. where, with regret, we do not provide any service!

Availability and Lead Times.

Caledonian TV™ operate using strict project management protocols similar to those used in broadcast. This means that normally there is a six-to-eight week 'lead time' between commissioning your programme and the commencement of filming. Post production (editing and finishing) generally takes between ten days and two weeks in most cases, but can take longer. In all cases, the longer we have to plan and execute your production the better. - It's never too early to contact us, and not uncommon for us to be in discussion over projects that will shoot a year or two after the client makes first contact!

In exceptional circumstances, and dependent on current workload, we can sometimes reduce these timescales. However, this will attract premium 'rack rates' and wil not always be possible.


Wedding, social and event videography.

Caledonian TV™ is an industrial, commercial and broadcast production company. We are not 'videographers' and cannot assist with any enquiries about wedding videos, christenings, parties or the like.

Broadcast Enquiries.

Caledonian TV™  produce programmes for broadcast under the brand Pentland Films™.

Glasgow LEZ Policy

From January 1st 2019, work which takes us inside the Glasgow Low Emissions Zone will incur a 30% surcharge. We currently propose that all service inside the LEZ will be withdrawn by 2022.

London filming policy.

Unfortunately, due to its obstructive transport polices, and the general complexity and very high costs of operating in London, working there has become highly stressful and disproportionately time-consuming. For many years we attempted to offset this with a London surcharge, but even that has not mitigated the impact of the London authorities' policies. It was therefore with deep regret that, in 2016, we ceased to provide any service which takes us inside the area bounded by the London LEZ.

Privacy and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Policy.

Caledonian TV™ does not indulge in 'email marketing' nor do we welcome unsolicited marketing messages; or as they're more accurately termed; SPAM! - In most cases sending such messages will result in the sender being blocked from our system at domain level.

This site does not use 'Cookies'. We do not gather or retain any information in relation to site visitors. We do not hold any form of email marketing list or database.

When you contact us, we may retain the details you have chosen to give us, or that are matters of open record, for the lawful purpose of processing your enquiry and trading with us. We are happy for you to record our published email address, telephone number, the name(s) of any person you may have spoken to or emailed, and the address of our published website for the lawful purpose of trading with us.

We do not authorise any @caledoniantv.com email address to be included in any marketing database or email list without specific written permission.