Pricing Structure.

We've been subjected to some criticism for the complexity of our pricing structure - mainly by 'competitors' alarmed by our transparency, willingness to publish our rate card openly and explain 'up front' how our pricing structure works. - Our policies and procedures have been developed over a period in excess of thirty years producing video for business... And our priorities are to keep costs down, be as open  and fair as possible to good paying customers.

It's virtually impossible for any legitimate programme producer to give you a price for your programme until they have assessed exactly what it is you need!  - Fixed price packages, in our considerable experience,  force you to pay for things you don't need and omit things that you do!  Likewise, 'blanket pricing' places customers in a position where they're paying for the misconduct of others; the cost of financing bad payers has to be factored in somehow - cold hard fact of life! And we don't think that's fair or reasonable. to make the majority pay for that!

Our policy is to provide every client with a bespoke package which - providing they adhere to the terms and conditions of trade - is heavily discounted from out basic 'rack rate'.

The term 'rack rate' is one borrowed from the hotel industry where it describes the full undiscounted price of a room or othere services taken 'on demand' at very short notice or otherwise adverse circumstances.  Something we have in common with the hotel trade is that it's far cheaper and more efficient for us to deploy resources on a planned basis. - it's also essential to our pricing policy that prompt payers aren't tacitly forced to foot the cost of people who 'take liberties'.

From the outset we make it clear that our pricing structure is based on this hourly 'Rack Rate' for specific services which, in most circumstances, attracts a conditional discount, normally 35%.  - The prices quoted here in red are our rack rates; to calculate our standard discounted rate, multiply them by 0.65  - for your convenience we've calculated these and they are shown in green...

Please note that following restructuring of the business in early 2019, the prices shown do NOT include V.A.T.  WHICH IS CURRENTLY NOT CHARGEABLE ON OUR SERVICES - This position is currently under review with HMRC and may change, however should that change happen we will honour the 'bottom line' prices on contracts agreed at that time ( i.e. we will pay the VAT on existing agreements)

We use these rack rates to calculate the pre-discount and default cost of any package of services we provide.

Full Rack rates are only applied where;

i) Programmes are made or services provided at very short notice which cannot be placed within our normal production cycle and require us to work out of hours.

ii) Clients (or their agents) behave unreasonably - i.e. including but not limited to wilful failure or refusal to adhere to the agreed script or shooting schedule, attempts being made to divert or misdirect film crews from their purpose or schedule, attempts to introduce unagreed "eleventh hour" changes or additions without adjustment to the agreed script/schedule, abuse (verbal, physical or otherwise) of our crew, facilities or goodwill or failure to meet undertakings.

iii) Productions which take us outside the UK.

iv) Accounts become overdue or a production is halted because stage payments haven't been made.

Rack rates are also used to calculate overtime and out-of-hours working time, although where these are additional to a package deal (as they almost always are) the actual amount charged will be discounted at the same rate as the package provided the account does not fall delinquent.

Caledonian TV provide ONLY a Business to Business service and DO NOT provide wedding, social, private or domestic video services to consumers. 


BY PRIOR ARRANGEMENT Individuals or companies who can satisfy us that they are bona-fide web designers, advertising agents, P.R. consultants or multimedia content providers may be entitled to take advantage of our agency discounts when commissioning projects on behalf of clients. Special terms and conditions apply to such work. Please contact us for further details.

Alternatively, commission terms - payable on settlement with us by your client - may be negotiated.

Please note that, as with other types of discount, we do reserve the right to withdraw agency discounts where accounts become delinquent.



Pre-Production and Administrative Services

Script Development: Services of an experienced programme producer/director in the preparation, processing and production of a programme -
£81.25 per hour.

Research and all other Administrative and creative services - £48.75 per hour

9:00am until 5:00pm Mon-Fri. Urgent works which requires out-of-hours working may be charged at an enhanced rate.


Location Services

All crews are equipped with HIGH DEFINITION cameras, normally to a minimun EBU Tier 2J standard, lighting kit, full production sound kit. A full day refers to a maximum of 9 hours on location with a one-hour lunch break and two 20-minute rest breaks, a half day refers to a maximum of 4 hours on location with one 20-minute rest break.

Single Operator: Services of an experienced programme director/camera person equipped with Tier 2J High Definition shooting kit, including standard broadcast audio and lighting kit etc.

£123.50 per hour / 889.20 per day / £488.80 per half day

Standard two-person crew: Services of a two-person crew; experienced director/camera person equipped with High Definition shooting kit as above, plus audio/camera assistant equipped with mic kit, field mixer/recorder.

£162.50 per hour / £1170 per day / £643.50 per half day

Additional Audio Specialist: not including additional equipment hire fees. (May be required for very complex recordings such as pop concerts, performances etc.)

£65 per hour / £468 per day / £257.40 per half day

Additional technical/production staff: rates dependant on seniority and speciality.

£22.75 - £123.50 per hour / £163.80 - £889.20 per day / £91 - £676.80 per half day

Day rates, travel time and out of hours services:

1) A standard working day is 9:00am until 5:00pm with a one-hour lunch break and two 20-minute rest breaks.  This timeframe is flexible within the range of our normal working hours and can be shifted back or forward two hours as required at no additional cost. PLEASE NOTE THAT AS IS STANDARD INDUSTRY PRACTICE, CREW TIME IS NORMALLY CALCULATED FROM LEAVING OUR BASE NEAR LIVINGSTON UNTIL OUR RETURN AND THAT CREW ARE 'ON DUTY' WHILE TRAVELLING.  

2) Location crew time is calculated in 15-minute increments from departure from our base near Livingston (or temporary location if based away from home) until return to our base.

3) Normal working hours for field and production crew are 07:00-19:00 Mon-Fri. Operation outside these hours is normally charged at enhanced rates on the following scale.

19:01-22:00 Base Rate X 1.5
22:01-00:00 Base Rate x 2.0
00:01-05:59 Base Rate x 2.5
06:00-06:59 Base Rate X 1.5

Weekend rates; applied from 00:01 Saturday until 06:00 Monday.

08:00 -18:00 Base Rate X 1.5
19:01-22:00 Base Rate X 2
22:01-00:00 Base Rate x 2.5
00:01-06:00 Base Rate x 3
06:01-07:59 Base Rate X 2

Where staff are required to remain at a location overnight a NON DISCOUNTABLE 'down time' enhancement of £40-£80 is payable in respect of each crewmember for each night spent away from home, the actual rate being dependant on seniority. Crew are entitled to a minimum of 12 hours rest ('down time') in any 24 hour period.  In addition, all accommodation, primary meals meals and administration costs must be met.

The MINIMUM standard of accommodation required is a single private room, with bathroom for EACH crew member.


Post Production Services

Standard Editing; DV/HDV/HD Cam EX

No additional charge for conforming and upscaling PAL Beta SP & SX, VHS, SVHS or Lowband Umatic.

- Output is MXF-OP1a AVC-Intra Class 100 1920x1080 25fps as per EBU AS-11 broadcast standards.

£57 per hour.

Editing; other formats (including dubbing/conforming to standard formats)

97.50 per hour + Facilities fees ( i.e. additional equipment needed)

CD and DVD Authoring: AS STANDARD you are supplied with your programme on a basic DVD with a standard single-play menu. Additional DVD and multimedia design and authoring services, photo editing and preparation.
From 48.75 per hour.

Updates and modifications: Your programme can be easily updated, altered or re-worked at a later date. This is subject to our standard edit rates and a minimum charge of £97.50

Fuel and Travel costs.

While we do still routinely cover the whole of the UK (with the exception of areas inside the London LEZ)  due to current government policies and taxation on fuel we regret that we are no longer able to freely 'factor in' the now very significant cost of UK road fuel into our prices without causing a severe disadvantage to the majority of our customers who are based here in Scotland...

We were faced with a choice of either raising our prices for everyone or introducing an additional mileage charge in respect of road miles outwith what we consider a 'reasonable day's drive'. We decided that the latter course of action was fairer on the majority of our clients.

Package prices and location day rates include the cost of road travel to locations within 125 road miles of our base near Livingston, West Lothian. In practice this means we cover most of Scotland's Central Belt, the Lowlands and Borders and as far up as Arrochar and Arbroath without incurring any extra travel costs.

Work that accrues more than 250 road miles in any day or involves working outside the 125-mile limit will generate an additional non-discountable mileage charge of 65p + VAT (78p in total)  per mile; this figure having been calculated to take into account the actual cost of running our vehicles as opposed to the fantasy figure allowed by the UK government.