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The Caledonian Television Company

Legitimate professionals - with the right tools for the job!

When it comes to business video, our focus is on small businesses run by real people living in the real world.

The Caledonian Television Company™ is a full service business video production company founded in 1986 at the Red Road in Glasgow - on the very grounds where the old Caledonian Railway once ruled the rails.  Built on traditional working values, we're proud to be a small unpretentious family business, primarily serving the 99%+ of all Scottish businesses that are Sole Traders, Micro-businesses or SMEs. - As well of course as third sector and public service providers.

We're masters of our trade - video production specialists working collaboratively with the Marketing, Design, PR and Training industries as opposed to trying to poach work from them by pretending to be 'anything and everything'!  

Caledonian TV™ is owned and run by a legitimate broadcast professional with well over 40 years of industry experience to their name - Not someone who simply 'drifted into' video production or has tacked it on to some other service as an afterthought; but the real deal! That level of expertise, legitimacy and grounded industry understanding is the cornerstone of what we do... We're pragmatic, down to earth, realistic and actually mean business!

Our offer is quite simple; experienced, specifically-qualified people with the right tools, do the job they are actually trained and qualified to do, at a reasonable price.  No smoke, no mirrors, no hard sell.  - No "mug's eyeful"! 

We can make complete programmes from as little as £800 for sales, promotion, social media, training, education, exhibition, advertising and most other legitimate business purposes. Our low prices are achieved simply by eliminating cost-drivers that do not contribute to the quality of your final programme. We collaborate with your choice of Marketing, PR or advertising agency; or indeed your in-house team.  - No upsell or pressure.

We work to UK broadcast standards (both technical and operational) in order to protect your business interests; helping to solve the problems of quality, project, legal, and technical risk associated with using unqualified, untrained 'semi pros' and other non-specialists.  - Vital, in an increasingly litigious real-world with an increasingly toxic social media environment.

Our core values are client focused; protecting your business interests, providing excellent value and cutting through the rubbish to make high quality video an affordable reality for the majority of small local businesses.

We make real television programmes for real-world businesses. We also provide production services for select news and documentary makers - general  production management and assistance, programme research and editorial services, scripting, compliance monitoring and auditing, video editing, crew and technical consultancy. 

PROFESSIONAL CREWS. We only use crew who have successfully studied TV or Film production at a legitimate UK Academic Institution and/or trained with a major UK broadcaster such as the BBC or one of the ITV companies.

First established in October 1986 - The Caledonian Television Company™ is still owned and run by its founder, Matt Quinn; an ITV-trained cameraman - and former College Lecturer in Television Production - with well over forty years of genuine broadcast experience.

PROFESSIONAL EQUIPMENT. We shoot on real broadcast TV cameras - NOT DSLRs! We edit to meet EBU broadcast standards for topical content on full edit suites. And naturally, we use traditional broadcast lighting and sound.

Truly professional video production - made affordable!

Your professional video partners...

As  video production specialists we routinely project-manage productions from the initial concept stage to delivery and upload - coordinating and sourcing other specialists as required; providing a complete script-to-screen service.

We are equally comfortable working with your in-house team or choice of independent creative professionals to complete specific project stages or components.  Similarly, we work in direct partnership with other legitimate creative industry practitioners, to bring high quality video production in to their offering.

All of our work is covered by strict, legally binding non-disclosure (NDA) policies that provide you with full security over your project.  From the initial consultation on, you can be sure that all discussions are in strict confidence and that your sensitive commercial information is safe with us.  - We also work proactively to protect your intellectual property and that of others; ensuring issues such as copyright and advertising codes are properly addressed.

Our approach is unusual in that we are selective about the work we take on and the projects we become involved with. We're upfront about the fact that video is not always a good fit for every project or circumstance. - Our first priority is to help you explore what's feasible within your budget to meet your needs.

Care to talk? Want to find out more?  See what's possible? Or just push some early-stage ideas around the table? No cost, no obligation, no hard-sell or silly sales patter! Just an honest, down to earth, face-to-face chat. We're always pleased to hear from potential clients and partners; and invite you to get in touch without any obligation or pressure, as early as possible in your project. 

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