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The Caledonian Television Company

Truly professional video production - made affordable!

When it comes to business video our focus is on small businesses run by real people living in the real world.

According to ONS figures, over 95% of all UK businesses are 'micro' businesses with another 4% being 'small'.  0.9% are 'medium enterprises'. And from experience, we know that most of the people behind these real world businesses are spending their own money - not looking for some sort of 'corporate experience' nor to live out a ridiculous 'executive fantasy' at their employer's expense!  - We are therefore here for the 99%+ who actually just need a truly professional video service, at a reasonable prince; not an adult crèche!

 Decent value and a truly professional service, based on decades of legitimate production experience.

First established in 1986, near the site of the old Caledonian Railway's base in Springburn - Caledonian Television™ is an affordable, full service, business video production company founded and run by a properly trained, legitimate qualified broadcast professional. We make creative video to broadcast standards for sales, promotion, social media, training, education, exhibition, advertising and most other other business purposes.  We do that, at a realistic price, with complete programmes possible from as little as £600 - VAT free.

Our complete 'script to screen' service; works to help eliminate the potential legal, quality, project and technical risks to your business posed by using unqualified, untrained 'semi pros', and other non-specialists.  - Something that's important in an increasingly litigious world!   Every programme we make is planned and executed in the same way as broadcast television programmes are - compliant with the relevant ISO standards, as well as being produced to the internationally recognised EBU technical requirements for topical content.

We keep our offering practical, pragmatic, affordable and relevant to how your real-world business works! 

Although we've shot videos everywhere from Hong Kong to Hamilton (including the one in Ontario) over the past 36 years, we're not going to spin you some Dell-Boy style line about being 'global traders'.  - Nor do we trot out rubbish pushing the pretence of being experts in everything and anything that is buzzword driven. We're very proud to be a small Scottish family microbusiness serving others like us  - face to face, feet on the ground, no pretence and no nonsense!  - Legitimate specialists doing the job we're qualified to do!

Our low prices are achieved by cutting-away cost-drivers which add nothing to the quality of your programme.  For example, we don't expect you to pay through the nose for us to be holed up in an expensive city-centre office. - And we don't try to sell what we have to offer off the back of childish novelties.  - So, no cupcakes, 'free' bar, or other nonsense.  

We keep our offering practical, pragmatic, affordable and relevant to how your real-world business works! 

PROFESSIONAL CREWS. We only use crew who have successfully studied TV or Film production at a legitimate UK Academic Institution and/or trained with a major UK broadcaster such as the BBC or one of the ITV companies.

The Caledonian Television Company™ is still owned and run by its founder, Matt Quinn; an ITV-trained cameraman - and former Lecturer in Television Production - with over forty years of genuine broadcast experience to his name!

PROFESSIONAL EQUIPMENT. We shoot on real broadcast TV cameras - NOT DSLRs! We edit to meet EBU AS-11 broadcast standards for topical content on full edit suites. And naturally, we use traditional broadcast lighting and sound.

Legitimate professionals - with the right tools for the job!

Your professional video partners...

As a matter of policy, although we are multi-skilled, we do not 'poach work' from other creative specialists. As masters of our own trade we simply don't have to!  - And we're very happy to point out that the 'Jack of All Trades' model is rarely works in anyone's best interests.  

This means that we don't pretend to be 'Marketers', 'Designers' , 'PR Consultants' or anything else! - Because we do know enough about each of these disciplines to understand and respect their complexity! We're not in the business of upselling overpriced hosting or SEO services either! And in particular, one thing we will never do is attempt to hold your video 'hostage' - by tying you down to some dubious 'analytics' or SEO deal!  - Any legitimate Web Designer will build suitable analytics into your web presence as a matter of course.

Should you actually be a legitimate professional working in any of these creative fields, we will work with you in partnership to integrate high quality video into your own offering.

Your programme will be made and mastered to the same technical standards required by UK and European broadcasters for HD topical content. We project-manage all programmes using the same techniques used in broadcast - and are led by a seasoned broadcast professional with over 40 years of experience in Educational, Broadcast and Business TV.  In order to protect your business interests, we particularly ensure copyright and operational compliance are properly handled at every production stage. And we deliver your programme in a variety of formats fit for anywhere from YouTube or other Social Media platforms, to a commercial cinema, streaming or broadcast via terrestrial or satellite TV or distributed on disc, memory key, embedded in media products or simply shown running on a TV set on your exhibition stand or reception. 

At Caledonian Television™ we make video for intelligent people... 

Care to talk? Want to find out more?  See what's possible? Or just push some early-stage ideas around the table? No cost, no obligation, no hard-sell nor silly sales patter! Just an honest, down to earth, face-to-face chat. We're always pleased to hear from potential clients and partners, and invite you to get in touch without any obligation or pressure, as early as possible in your project. 

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